Introduction of Senkoji Park in Onomichi, Hiroshima, Japan


There is a park at the top of the mountain called Senkoji as well as some traditional Japanese spots and some temples for praying in Onomichi Hiroshima Japan that you might want to visit in the future. Senkoji is one of the most famous park in Onomichi Hiroshima. I visited the park many times with my family and I had been familiar with lots of places there. I would like to introduce some favourite places that you don’t want to miss if you visit Senkoji park and the inportant places like the parkings.



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Parking 3 is much bigger than the Parking 1 and 2. We parked here for a whole day before. I remember  the day when we found it very hard to  park at the parking 1 and 2. We parked our car here and we also bought a ticket here for the entrance as well. Here is the parking location that I recommend you to check it if you do not find any parking area for your car, but you have to challenge yourself to walk up to the mountain for Sengkoji park.

Parking 2 area is for the buses. I saw lots of tour buses which parked on this area sometimes when we visited sengkoji park, but also some other cars checked this parking location as well when there is not enough space at Parking 1 and 3.

Parking 1 location is the main parking in Sengkoji park. This parking is on the hill, so before you drive into this parking you need to be careful otherwise you hit. The reason why I’m telling you to be careful is because parking 1 is too small and too steep to park.

Parking 1 is just next to the reception where you would buy the entrance ticket for your visit in  Senkoji.
Tour bus parking area is also close to the receptions. Sometimes you will see some buses are stopping there, and I recommend you to look after your kids while passing the area if you bring your kids with you.

Parking Fee is ¥600 for one day.


This toilet is just next to the back of the reception house. Toilet papers are available, so feel free to go to the toilet without worrying the toilet papers.

Introducing following four areas

Number 1 photo is the photo I took of the store in Sengkoji. The store is selling ice cream. You might wanna check this ice cream shop if you were there in the park. They were selling different types of flavours in there. You could go to the shop and look for yourself what flavour you would buy.

Number 2 photo is the photo of the big building just next to the ice cream store. This photo was taken from the main exit door. Lots of people are going in the building, because they want to see the arts in the building. In that building you could be able to see the old photos and some other Japanese traditional arts. Sometimes they provide it for free.

Number 3 photo is a photo of the rest house. We always took a rest here many times when we went to senkoji park. They made this rest house beside a hill, so  people who take a rest will see nice view from the buildings below this hill in Onomichi. In the rest house there are some vending machines and also some chairs are there too.

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Number 4 photo is a photo of the area where you could see a beautiful spot of Onomichi city as well as the beautiful mountain around Onomichi. This spot is full of many cherry blossoms. I recommend you to go to this location in spring (especially cherry blossoms season). You will love this area and it’s beautiful. At the same time you have to know it is one of the most crowded time in a year.

The famous spot in Senkoji park

Number 1 photo is a famous building here in senkoji park. In side of the building there is a restaurant there. I saw lots of people are going in there for their lunch time. In front of the main entrance there is a menu for those who might want to eat there. I recommend you to get in the building and go to the top to some beautiful spot.

Number 2 photo is  the top of the building. On the top of this building, there are some of the chairs that you might wanna sit down. Those chair are big enough for 3 people for the rest. There is big space on the top of this building where tourists could move freely while viewing every spot in Onomichi city.  People who were bringing their cameras here 100 % sure they could be able to take beautiful photos on this spot.


Number 3 photo is the shop. This shop was just next to the building you see on photo 1 and  2. They were selling sacks, drinks, foods and some other stuffs. I recommend you to take a look in this shop if you visit there.  On the right side of this shop there are vending machines.

Number 4 photo is a statue of the cat. We took many photos of this statue during the time we were there at the park, as well as many people took lots of photos of the statue during our time there. It is the memory of couples and they leave some messages on the keys.  But if you want to know more about the meaning, then I recommend you to ask any staff who works there. I hope they will tell you the right answer. Feel free to communicate with them.

Robe ways information


Number 1 photo is a reception to buy a ticket for the rope way. For those who want to use the rope way to go down to the city here is the reception to buy a ticket. Here is the amount for adult people and kids to buy a ticket. Adult one way¥320 for the round trip¥500. For the child one way ¥160 for round trip ¥250.

Number 2 photo is a location for boarding the rope way. There is a stair that a passenger will use before entering the rope way door. Just for your awareness, be careful when you are walking down these stairs otherwise you might fall down, for those who bring their kids must take a good look at their kids on these stairs.
Enjoy your trip on rope way while going down to the city.

Number 3 photo is a bonding platform in the city. When you are coming down by the rope way from top here is the platform where we going to stop before you walk out to the city. Be sure to watch your steps when you get of the rope.
There are two ways to go down from the station to the ground. For those who want to use the stairs will go to the right side. There is the exit door for the stairs. For those who want to use the elevator will turn left after they get of the rope. There is an exit door for the elevator on the left side.

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Number 4 photo is a reception to get a ticket for the rope way to go up to the top. For those who want to buy a ticket to ride on the rope way will buy a ticket here. If you have any question, you could ask here too. Feel free to ask.

Some other locations that you might want to visit

Number 1 photo is Temples. The temple is a Place where Japanese people could go and take a short prayer. They will go there and give the offerings and shake the rope in front of that prayer area before taking a prayer. There is a road on the left side of the rope way reception that leads to this temple. You will reach this place if you follow this road. There is a wide open place in front of that building where you could feel the beautiful environment in this area. I recommend you to visit this place if you are in senkoji park.

Number 2 photo is a coffee shop. This coffee shop was located next to the reception at the left side. It is a recommended coffee shop in senkoji. I have been there before with some friends. I remember we ordered waffles and coffees on that day. They were selling different types of sweets and also different taste of coffees. I suggest you check the menu on the table for the flavour you want to buy.

Number 3 photo is a spot that i recommend you visit if you are in senkoji park. For example if you bring a camera with you here you will be able to take beautiful photos from here. This is also a temple for prayer.
I took photos while we rode on the rope way, because this was in the middle of the top rope way platform  and below platform. If you are on the top of the mountain in senkoji park and you want to go down this area, there is a road to that location from the top where you will follow.
If you are from the city and you want to go to this location there is a road to this location available from the city that you might follow. Check this road if you are from the city and you want to go there, but you will challenge yourself to climb the mountain to the area.

Number 4 photo is the exit door of the elevator

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