Dream Park in Sera Hiroshima Japan


Dream Park in Sera Hiroshima Japan. I would like to introduce the park my family and I always went to visit many times in Sera Hiroshima Japan. I was surprised at the time we made the first visit in Dream park, because it was so huge. There were two play areas in the park. I hope your kids will really love these two play ground as well as other areas. There are some fields in the park where  you could play soccer or other sports with your kids as well.

There is a winery close to dream park where I would like to introduce as well. There is a shop that is selling wine and some other stuffs like snacks etc.. They were also offering free cups of wine if you want to taste their wine for free.
Let’s start introduce the winery before introducing some areas in Dream park.

Introducing photos from winery


A photo is the parking location of winery. This parking is big enough for many cars, which could be able to park there. On holidays and weekends it only could be full. We couldn’t park many times in this parking, because there was no space. this is what we did. We went to park our car in dream park parking, then we took a walk to winery. It took 10 minutes walk from dream park to winery.

B photo is the main entrance of the winery. The walk way to this main entrance is wide enough for many people could walk through. At the main entrance there are chairs for those who want to take a rest  could sit there.

C photo is a wide field in the middle of this location. Lots of events are held in this field many times.

D photo is a wine shop. This is a recommended shop for those who love to drink wine. They were selling different types of wine in this shop. I recommend you to go and have a look at those wine for the flavours you recommend if you want to. You can also buy any sack you want in that shop also. Not just only for those things, but the main thing is that you can enjoy tasting wine.

Location in winery you might want to know

A photo is the restaurant. This restaurant is big enough even though many people could be able to go in at once. They were selling foods and drinks, so i recommend you to check it out if you are planing to have lunch with your family there. It has lots of space in it.

B photo is a foot bath building I saw many people who went in this building many times when we were there.  They were paying to use this foot bath. I recommend you to check this foot bath building if you want to warm your feet. It is good for winter.

C photo is a locomotive location. I hope the kids will love to ride on this. I and my kids have ridden on this locomotive many times and my kids really loved it. There is a reception just next to this park for people will want to buy a ticket for riding this locomotive. I recommend you to check this location if you were there.


D photo is  ice cream store building. For those who want to buy ice cream, especially on summer season. Here is the store that selling different ice cream flavours that you might want to check. Just next to the store there is a small house for those who were buying ice cream to sit there and eat some ice cream.

locations in Dream Park


Let’s introduce some locations in Dream park.

A photo is a parking area for Dream park. Dream park Parking area is big, and enough for many cars could  park. The parking is free of charge.

B photo is a rest house. There are many stoles and tables in this house for anyone else. For example if you are looking for any place for your family to have lunch at Dream park, Then I recommend you to go and check this house. This house is free for anyone else use.

C photo is a building where the office located. If it is your first time to visit Dream park, you might want to ask there. Feel free to ask anything.
In front of the building they put many play stuffs that the kids could play with them, So I recommend you to bring kids. They will love those stuffs.

D photo is the main playing ground in Dream park. This is the main area where every kids love. They put sliding equipments and many more other play stuffs in the park. I recommend you to go and see for yourself if you are in Dream Park.

Introducing the areas

A photo is the number one high mountain in Dream park. I always went to the top of the mountain many times when we made the trip to the park. I really love this spot, because you could be able to see beautiful view from the Dream park. I recommend you to go and take some photos there if you bring your camera with. I believe you could be able to take beautiful photos from this spot.

B photo is playing ground. This playing ground was located behind the top of that mountain. I and my kids also played there many times. There are two sliding equipments on this playing ground. Small one is for the small kids and big one is for the bigger kids. Not just only for the sliding equipments, but also there are some other playing stuffs beside the park. You and your kids could use them as well if you were there.

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C photo is a telescope. I used this telescope many times. They were putting this telescope on this mountain so that those who use it will be able to see far places from here. Before you use this
equipment you have to put 100yen in it before it works. We couldn’t use it for free. I recommend you to try it if you are here at this spot.

D photo is a water tap. This is the water tap that everyone can use. You could check these water taps if you are looking for water to wash your hands.

🚻 Toilet

I saw 5 toilet buildings on the park. Also toilet papers are free. Use this toilet when ever you want to use with out worrying.


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