Chuoshinrin park in Hiroshima Japan


Chuoshirin park is a park that I and family visited. This park is located next to the Hiroshima airport. In chuoshirin park there is a building that is full of rental bicycles for the visitors. There is a building that is also selling some Japanese traditional stuffs. In chuoshirin park you will be able to visit beautiful spots or places, and also if you rent bicycles you will be able to follow a road in the bush where you will breeze fresh air under the beautiful trees. Let’s introduce some of the locations in chuoshirin park.


Here is the parking area for chuoshirin park. You should know that this parking is not for free. You will pay for it after you leave the park. There are two gates for this parking area. One gate is for the entrance and the other gate is for exit. But remember that you will give the entrance fee when you leave the parking.
This entrance fee is 300yen.

Park center

This building is called park centre. They are selling many products and some other Japanese stuffs. I visited this building when we were there in the park, and I stayed in there for 30 minutes. They are selling many kinds of snacks and drinks in there. I hope you would like them. I would recommend you to visit this shop if you are there in the park.  It has also tables and chairs and if it is cold out there, you can eat lunch in the building.

🚻 Toilet

This is the only toilet I saw here in this park, and I would want you to know where it is located.  This toilet is in the Park centre building. There were two rooms for males and females. They also put free toilet papers in there as well, so do not worry about the toilet paper if you want to go in there. I would recommend you to ask the staffs if you do not know where it is.

Cycling centre

there are lots of many bicycles in this building for rental. You could rent bicycles that you want to ride. There are many different types of bicycles available in there. Kids bicycles and also adults bicycles were also there, so I suggested you go in there to select for your family the best and comfortable bicycle for your family. Bicycle with child riding basket is ¥720. Adult bicycle is ¥520.  Child bicycle is ¥210.


Cycling course


There are 3 courses that people will enjoy a ride on the bicycle in Chuoshinrin park. They are A.B.C courses. On the day we rent bicycles there,  we had been following course C road. In here you could ride a bicycle for 30 minutes for one round, and along this road there are some areas where you could stop your bicycle at some favourite spots and take a look around those spots. Hope you will love this C course.

Hill that you will see airplanes

This location is next to Hiroshima terminal run way. You will see airplanes at this spot. Your kids will love this location because they will enjoy watching the planes flying. There are some stoles that they put for those who wanted to take a break and have lunch here. This field is also big enough for those who want to play soccer or play some other interesting game with their kids here. Not just for that, There are slides and some other playing equipments that the children will love here, so I recommend you to stop by this spot if you visit Chuoshinrin Park.

Unique bicycles

This course is full with unique bicycles like 2 wheels, 3 wheels and 4 wheels bicycles. I and family always have been to this location, because we want to ride on 4 weals and 3 weal bicycles. They are big enough for 3 people to ride on them at once. I recommend you to check this location when you go to chuoshinrin park, and if you have any question, then you can ask the stuffs over there. They are always available for whatever questions that you might wanna ask.
For your quick reminder, this is not for free. There is a reception next to this area where you could purchase a ticket for the entrance. The price is ¥310 for 30minutes for 1 person.

Rest place

For those who do not know where to take a rest and have lunch. I recommend you to check this area out. It is free without charge. I and family as well some other families having their lunch here at this area. There are some tables and stoles also available in this place for anyone to use.


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