Introduction of Egal 8 cinemas in Fuji Ground in Kannabe Fukuyama Hiroshima Japan



I would like to introduce Fuji ground movie theatre. Fuji ground building is located in Kannabe Fukuyama Hiroshima. The theatre room is on the 3rd floor of the building for your information.There is a reception for those who want to buy tickets directly there. Also there is a food court where you could buy snacks and some other drinks and foods. I write this short information especially for those who live in and around Fukuyama area. Let’s begin the introduction.


The parkings in Fuji ground are wide and big enough for hundreds of cars could park there at once. You could choose the place to park. It’s up to you. Every parkings there in Fuji ground are free of charge. I tell you this information because I don’t want you to worry about the parking fee. When we went to watch a movie in fuji ground,  we parked our car at the parking on top of the roof, so I recommend you to also go to this parking location if you go to watch movies in Fuji ground. This parking is closest to the theatre reception.


It is acceptable to choose your own seat at the reception. The day we went in the theatre we chose our own seats because not many people were going in the theatre in the early morning on that day. It is acceptable to choose your own seats if  not many people were going to the theatre. There is a machine next to the reception for those who bought their ticket online. They will get the ticket from that machine there. We got our tickets from this machine, because we bought the ticket from online shop.


Fast food shop and etc..


There is a fast food shop just next to the reception where you could buy the snacks, drinks and some other manus. I remember we bought the popcorns and drinks at this food court and we brought them into the theatre room. It is acceptable for anyone to bring the foods and drinks into the theatre room. You could choose by yourself  weather you will bring them with you or just eat in front of the food court. There is a big space in front of the food court for those who want to take a seat while they are waiting.

It is prohibited to buy any food and drinks from a different store and bring them to the theatre. They only accept the foods from the food court that they were selling in there.


The ticket for adult is ¥1800 and for child ¥1000 each. You could also buy discount tickets online. I recommend you to check for online discount ticket if you could have enough time. Just for your reminder that before you go to the theatre room from the reception area, there were stuffs who will check your tickets and show you the door to the theatre room. Look for them when you are ready to go to the theatre room.

Every chair in the theatre room has numbers, before you take a seat there you have to check your own number. You will get the number of your seat from the reception, so I recommend you to see your number carefully before you take a seat.

If you want to go to the toilet during the movie, you could just go to the toilet without showing your ticket to the stuff again. You do not have to look for your ticket before you go to the toilet.

Remember to turn off any digital devices or set as manner mode like cell phones or any other devices you have with you when you enter the theatre room. Otherwise it will disturb others while they are watching movie. Please enjoy movie with good manners. 




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