“Komekobaum” Cake or sweets in Japan.


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I would like to take this opportunity to explain this Japanese “Komeko baum” Cake or sweets that I bought in the local grocery store in Japan in case you might want to buy it during your trip in Japan or during your stay in Japan. As I always mentioned for many times that shopping in Japan is a little bit difficult for new international people who come to Japan, because almost every thing that is sold in the Japanese shops is written in Japanese language. That is the difficult thing that so many people find when they arrive in Japan for their first time. That was the same thing that I experienced when I first arrived here in Japan. I didn’t know how to do shopping in a Japanese shop by myself. It was very difficult for me for my first time I came to Japan. It would be much easier if you read through Japanese stuffs before you come to Japan. Anyway let’s see the products togather.

I think Komekobaum cake or sweet is available everywhere in every grocery shop in Japan. Only the thing you want to know right now is this. You need to know how to ask for it in any grocery shops in Japan, and I will tell you here how to ask for it in a Japanese shop using Japanese language. This is how they called  in Japanese: “Komekobaum”. And here is how you will ask for it using Japanese: Komekobaum keki  arimasuka?. I believe the store keepers will show you the Komekobaum cake immediately after you ask them this question if it is available in the shop you were doing your shopping.


Cake or sweets  in Japan “Komekobaum” Photo 1

Cake or sweets  in Japan “Komekobaum” Photo 2



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