Diet tips from the lecturer. Part 1


It is said that it is necessary to increase the amount of calorie used for one day in order to achieve short-term diet. Some people make a mindset that diet decreases the amount of meals, but that alone can not reduce weight as you think in a short period of time.


Some people diet due to calorie restriction by reducing the amount of meals to be consumed per day, but with that method, you can not lose weight in a short period of time. Move your body and increase the amount of calories you use for the day is a diet method you need in addition to reducing meals.


There are people who try to diet in a short period by drastically reducing meals, but there is a possibility that health condition may be compromised. When the amount of calories ingested from a meal is less than the calorie consumption consumed in one day by basic metabolism, various inconveniences occur.


The human body tries to deal with that situation by reducing metabolism if the amount of calorie that can be ingested is small. When becoming a constitution with low basal metabolism, even if you are restricting diet, you will not get a diet effect that you expect, so it will not go on a diet.



And diet due to diet restrictions will lower the body’s metabolism and make a body with less caloric expenditure, so it will result in less weight as expected.


In order to diet for a short period of time, the approach of reducing the amount of meal is not appropriate. Calorie control is important, but let’s increase calorie consumption by aggressively moving your body apart from that.


In order to make a diet successful in the short term, in addition to doing moderate dietary restrictions, it is to keep calorie consumption in mind by moving the body.



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