Diet tips from the lecturer. Part 3



A balanced diet and a way to lose weight with exercise


Eliminating exercise shortage and eating a good amount of meals to your body are involved in short-term success of your diet. Control the amount of diet to reduce the amount of calorie intake, increase the amount of calories to use by exercising. If you want to make an effective diet, the amount of calories you use and the amount of calories to replenish is to increase the former.


Even if you do exercise in a coherent time, you can burn only a part of the calories that can be obtained with meals. By not using the calorie just by moving the body, we will balance the calorie intake and calorie expenditure by reducing the amount of meal.


Human body has lower calorie than diet used for basal metabolism, if dietary calorie content is small, we will lower metabolism for life support. The body with low metabolism is a body with poor combustion efficiency of calorie incorporated in the body, so it is completely counterproductive for diets.


It is important to consider the limit when making a dietary restriction so that it will not be less than the calorie consumed by basal metabolism. When reducing calorie intake it is very important not to fall below the basal metabolic rate and to increase the calorie used by increasing the exercise amount.



Aerobic exercise promotes a cycle of converting fat accumulated in the body to energy and burning it. Aerobic exercise that exercise load is not so strong and can continue for a long time can consequently increase calorie consumption.


It is a point of short-term diet that plus exercise and promote fat burning while ingesting a meal that balances with basal metabolism.



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