Diet tips from the lecturer. Part 5


How to control sugar well and diet


Some people say that they lose the motivation for dieting soon after the start, and can not lose weight. The result of the diet is also important, but the point to succeed is to practice a method that can continue.


When trying to reduce the amount of meals in an extreme way, stress is accumulated only, it is difficult to continue dieting. Even though I try to go on a diet, I think that everyone has experience because I can not easily move to action or not going on.


It is the first choice to choose a method that anyone can easily do and can expect a diet effect very much. Until now, a recommended method for those who challenged various diets and had been frustrated is the carbohydrate restricted diet. Not a few people are conscious of not taking too much calories from meals even when they are not on a diet.


Restriction of calorie intake is not a wrong method, but if you do not care about calories even though you care about calories, you can not get a diet effect quickly. It is said that physical influences are more noticeable when caring for diet with limited carbohydrates than by taking caloric intake.



Let’s take care about the amount of carbohydrates rather than worrying about calories in a diet while unable to stand sweets. Even usual things will differ only by making menu that does not take carbohydrate as much as possible.


It is important to work on a diet with a reasonable balance so as not to strain the body. To this end, a carbohydrate restricted diet would be useful.




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