Diet tips from the lecturer. Part 6


 Learn the effective way to diet!


In dieting, if you are eating a calorie diet as a premise, it is not a diet. The first thing to review the amount of meals is basic in diet. If calories burned less than the calorie intake by meal, surplus energy sources will accumulate as fat.


The basis of a diet is to think about the balance between the calories that are taken into the body by meals and the calories that are consumed in exercise and activities. If you have more calories to use for exercise than calories supplemented with meals, missing calories burn fat and be supplemented.


Calorie calculation can be calculated by subtracting energy consumed in basal metabolism and exercise from the amount consumed by meals. The tricks of diet are effective for dieting because you can increase the amount of energy used by increasing the basal metabolism.


In the first place, by changing the constitution, it becomes possible to become a body using a lot of calories, which is high in basal metabolism. When I say diet, I think that there are many people who are dieting only exercise and meals, but by improving to a thinner constitution, we can expect more diet effect.



To make a diet successful, it is necessary to exercise, review the amount of meal, and make a constitution suitable for a diet. The human body has high basal metabolism in his teens, but the basal metabolism decreases as it becomes 20s and 30s, body fat becomes difficult to burn.


Even if you do your best by restricting your diet, if you are in a situation where you can not get thin enough by practicing painful exercise, we recommend that you focus on improving basal metabolism.


Anyway, it is not a diet that forcibly reduces meals, doing extreme exercise, we recommend calorie control and a diet considering improvement of basal metabolism.



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