Diet tips from the lecturer. part 7


Let’s create a body that is easy to lose weight with moderate muscle.


Despite being struggling to lose weight, there seem to be a lot of people who can not lose weight. I want to reduce my weight and I keep on walking, but some people do not go well. Even if you try a variety of diets, many people will be frustrated on the way without being able to succeed.


In the case that the diet effect does not rise at all, it is first to make a body that is easy to diet. It is important to increase the amount of muscle and increase the metabolism in order to become thinner.


By continuing muscle training using special equipment, muscles are attached to the body in a well-balanced manner, making a constitution with high basic metabolism. By raising the basal metabolism, fat burning is promoted and it becomes a body which is easy to diet.


Walking is not suitable depending on the weather is not good or the time of day, but in that respect, the exercise using the training equipment can be done indoors, the time of day or weather does not matter.



If the muscle mass increases and basal metabolism is improved, you will be able to feel the diet effect even in a short period of time. When muscles are attached, it is possible to improve the coldness of the hands and feet, and to speed up recovery from fatigue.


Looking at the word of mouth of the person who bought a diet equipment, there are many examples that succeeded in downsizing the size of the waist and the leg.


Although rebound is inherent in diet, unlike the way to reduce meals, it is said that the diet in training using equipment is hard to rebound.



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