How to prevent Bad breath . Part 1


Food ingredients ideal for preventing halitosis


Do you know thy beans?
Recently I attract attention as vegetables to counter bad breath.
I would like to introduce a little about this bean.
Potato beans have long been known as traditional Chinese medicine.

It is an annual grass of legume family.
Recently, it became attracting attention as health food.
Origin is tropical Asia and tropical Africa, and in these areas it is cultivated for edible and medicinal purposes.
It is thought that it was transmitted to Japan around the Edo period.


It seems that it was cultivated actively in the Satsuma region of the Edo period.
The actual sheath is considerably larger than normal beans, and it is also from 30 cm to 50 cm.
Although it is cultivated in the country, it seems that there are many imports from South America and China.
In recent years, it is estimated that demand for domestic beans is growing as thousands of bean got attracting attention as measures against bad breath.


When using it for edible use a soft young sheath.
Also, it seems to use the part of beans when medicinal.
It has efficacy such as blood circulation promotion and immunity improvement.



Many beans are toxic, but there are strong poisons in Takanatamame and Tachinata bean, a member of the beans.
It is a kind of white natamame that we make it edible, so you have to be careful.
There are things sold as health tea etc, but it is important to check the materials.
Because sometimes you are using something not suitable for edible.


As a way to eat, it is often used for pickling Fukami that you often see.
In addition, when used for stir-frying etc. is a young sheath of white bean.
Natamame tea is also on the market.
As modern people are increasingly concerned about body odor and bad breath, attention is also gaining attention on tha beans.



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