How to prevent Bad Breath Part 2


Recommended recipes for beans that worked for bad breath prevention


We knew that thy bean countermeasures against bad breath have been introduced before. Of course, you can regard it as an etiquette product to prevent bad breath, but the young sheath of the bean is also a soft and delicious ingredient.


So I would like to introduce simple bean recipes.
As an image of a young sheath I think that the same cooking method as Sayaruzu is suitable.
Mix bean tea with powder to rice, you can make sesame tea rice.
You can make delicious rice with fragrant bean tea which is slightly fragrant.
Then, do you know that the beans that were pickled in Fukujin are contained?


This is a young sheath cut into pieces.
It is also delicious to stir fresh beans and pork.
The young sheath of thy bean is shabby texture.
It is perfect as an accompaniment of rice if you make curry flavors etc.
Let’s introduce how to make it.


Boil the young sheath of the bean for about 5 minutes.
It is good to put a little salt.
Cut the boiled beans diagonally.
Next, put pork and zucchini and stir it.
Then put sauce that you cut down and stir it while stir – frying.



You can taste it if you like.
When you add ginger, it becomes even more delicious.
It’s easy, so why do not you challenge.
Then it is good to stir fry and bean sprouts with pork in the same way.
If saltiness is attached, it is full volume, it also serves as a beer knob.
In short, beans should eat in the same way as ordinary vegetables.


The big one will be as much as 50 cm.
Because it is long, there is a response to eating.
Let’s try eating thou bean dishes.
It is only white beans that can be eaten in this way that we should not forget here. Please be careful.



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