Diet tips from the lecturer. part 10


How to effectively make a lower body diet successful


Any woman can adore a thin and slim leg. So I think that there are a lot of people who want to make a diet and fulfill the shape of the lower body in order to narrow the legs. Even in my body, I have legs in one of the places where I can hardly lose weight when I diet.


Because it is easy to accumulate fat from the hips to the bottom, it is a place where it is difficult to get the effect of dieting, so it is very difficult to reduce your foot. Consider specific countermeasures, let’s do things to diet the parts you want to thin. First, the weakness of the muscles and the swelling of the feet are causes for the feet to look fat.


In order to perform a lower body diet, it is necessary to improve training of swelling of the foot and training to improve muscle strength. In order to become a slim leg with no swelling, warm enough body in a bath and then exercise to move your foot intensively.


However, even if you sleep on your back and just put your heel on a chair or the like and extend your legs, you will be able to circulate the moisture accumulated in the lower body to the whole body. Enhancing the flexibility of the hip joint also has the effect of stimulating the muscles, so it is possible to improve metabolism.



Making a lymphatic massage and improving the flow of lymph fluid which had been stagnant in the lower body also becomes a foot diet. Exercises to correct pelvic distortion and light exercise using lower body muscles like walking can also be expected for dieting foot.


People with a feeling of lack of exercise can improve the basic metabolism if the muscle mass of the foot improves by moderate exercise and fat burning is promoted so that it can be effective for the diet of the foot. First of all, why not start with a foot stretch to make it a foot that does not end.



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