How to prevent bad breath part 3


Taste bad breath and prevent bad breath


In recent years, the number of Japanese who are thinking about bad breath prevention, concerned about the reaction from around, has increased.
Bad bad breath is thought to be a violation of etiquette among Westerners.
In other words, I always care about bad breath.


For such Westerners the breath of the Japanese seems to be very smelly.
Therefore, Japanese people in the future also have to take bad breath prevention as a matter of course.
Even so, I think that some people do not know what to do as bad breath prevention.


Because bad breath prevention is useless in normal tooth brushing.
So it is a bean that has come to be noticed recently.
The beans themselves are cultivated as normal vegetables.
There are times when it is sold at the grocery section.


You do not have to think of beans to eat as vegetables as health food.
Instead, it shows antibacterial action when you eat the beans as tea.
The antimicrobial action of the bean has been known for a long time as a traditional Chinese medicine.
It will be said that bean tea was arranged in modern style.
Even if you say thy tea is a traditional Chinese medicine, it is not a taste that it is hard to drink like a blue juice.



There is a subtle scent and fragrance.
Even though you drink every day, it will not be difficult.
You can drink with a normal green tea sensation.
Many people are experiencing that periodontal disease has been improved by continuing to drink.
You can cultivate bean beans.
It is a normal vegetable.


But what you have to be careful about is that there is something toxic depending on the type of bean.
There are red beans and white beans and red beans are toxic.
Since it does not become a problem if it is sufficiently heated, it is effective tea that you can drink safely and easily can prevent bad breath.



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