Diet tips from the lecturer. part 11


How to make your feet refreshed and your legs thinner


As you all know, swollen feet look thick. It is possible to slim up your feet by eliminating swelling of the feet and discharging unnecessary moisture which is a cause of swelling outside the body. If you want to check the degree of swelling of the foot, press the part of the calves that is swelling with your fingers and see what kind of reaction is there.


If the color of the skin does not return easily after pushing the calf with fingers by turning white, it is considered that the foot is getting thicker due to swelling. In this case, you can do a thin foot diet by eliminating the swelling of the foot. An easy way to eliminate swelling can be expected by removing the swelling by continuing stretching.


Here I would like to introduce a stretch to remove the swelling of the foot. First of all, I go to bed with my face facing the ceiling. Spread your legs and lie on your back and move your ankle forward and backward 30 times up, right, left 30 seconds at a time while maintaining your posture.


When you are unfamiliar, you may feel numb, but do not overdo yourself, so let’s focus on continuing. When swinging back and forth and to the right and left, put your strength at once, return your feet to the floor, and lay it on your back on your back.



With this as one set, we will set from 2 sets to 5 sets according to your physical strength and physical condition. As you can at any time, let’s take time to do this diet exercise once a day. It is said that it is before entering futon as the time when the effect is most effective.


It is said that it is good to do the exercise time when the body after bathing is warmed and it is in the condition that it is easy to lose weight in order to advance the foot thinner diet smoothly.



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