How to prevent Bad breath from the adviser Part 4


Cultivate beans that works to prevent bad breath


Why do not you buy tha beans at mail-order site?
In order to extinguish bad breath, it is necessary to keep the inside of the mouth clean.
For this reason, beans that have antibacterial effect are attracting attention.
You can drink bean as tea.


I know that gargling with thy bean tea improves periodontal disease etc.
It seems that in ordinary bean mail order sales are often cultivated from seedlings.
Of course, products that became soup tea or supplements are also on sale.
Let’s introduce mail order sales of seedling of bean.
It is around May when we plant thy beans.
It differs little by region, but you should consider it the same time as cucumber and tomato.


There are two types of beans: red and white.
Of course, this is edible.
In fact there are varieties of beans that are not suitable for edible.
It seems that there are such beans on beans that are imported from abroad.
I do not know if it is made into Potato tea.
If you think that you want to say something safe, you will still cultivate yourself.



Because the beans themselves become quite long, the crane is longer than that.
It seems that a support of 2 m is required.
It may be a bit difficult in the veranda’s home garden.
Many people do not have a field, but there are also some vendors offering lending services in the city, so you do not have to give up.
Of course, you can purchase bean tea which is a reliable manufacturer in Japan.


The price is reasonable, but it can be said that it is worth spending for health and bad breath prevention.



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