Diet tips from the lecturer. part 12


How to scalp legs scientifically


Some people think that the cause of foot thickness is fat accumulation. To make your feet slim, there are diets that intensively apply to your feet. Why does my feet, which is supposed to move all the time, become thicker? From knowing the reasons for such fat and the need for foot thinning, working on dieting foot can be an effective dieting method.


If you want to become a slim leg that everyone admires, I think that there is no loss by knowing scientifically about the fat on the foot and the cause of making the foot thick. Consuming fat that has been stored once is more difficult than anticipated. On the other hand, it is a well-known fact that it is only necessary to increase momentum and change fat to energy in order to ensure that body fat is burned. When you want to make a foot diet, you start from where you reinforce the muscles of your feet.


For bodies with muscles balanced well, the basal metabolism will be up, fat will burn easily. Even if it looks, the body with just about the muscles looks balanced. However, doing muscle training everyday and strengthening your body does not immediately increase your muscles.



Therefore, it is recommended to adopt exercise in daily life, such as light exercise from day to day, increasing traveling time by stairs and walking. When we diet a foot, first of all work out exercise, put muscles on your feet, and consume fat with calories used by that muscle.



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