How to prevent Bad breath from the adviser part 5


How to make tha tea 


What is the effect of bean tea you’ve talked about so far?
Newspaper advertisements and commercials are also drawing attention, but bean tea is recommended for halitosis prevention.
By the antimicrobial action of the bean, there is the effect of getting rid of germs in the mouth which cause bad breath.


Soybean tea is sold as a product from various manufacturers.
However, if you are interested in cultivating yourself, you can make it yourself.
Let’s introduce how to make it.
Let’s start by purchasing seedlings of young beans and cultivating before making tea.


Cultivation of thorns is not so difficult, but because the height is more than 2 m, it may be impossible to raise in the veranda.
Since it is okay to narrow it, let’s secure land with sufficient margin in height direction.


Seedling planting is around June.
If you grow your root so that it does not dry, you can make stunning beans.
Leave it until the bean turns brown.
Let’s harvest when the sheath dries and becomes thick.
Many beans come out of the sheath.
The size is about 500 yen.



I will make that bean powder.
It can be easily made into powder with a juicer mixer or the like.
It is better to add beans little by little while adding beans, instead of putting in beans at once.
Sift the powder and let grains align.
Then we will roast until we smell a bit savory with a frying pan.


Please be careful not to become uneven.
This is the completion of bean tea.
Please put an appropriate amount into a commercially available tea pack and pour hot water and drink it.
How about the taste of bean tea you did not make yourself?



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