Diet tips from the lecturer. part 13


Is carbohydrate diet really effective?


Although this is a famous story, when working on a diet, there is a person who first tries to start with refraining of carbohydrates. However, trying a diet by lacking a carbohydrate diet will not work well. Regardless of how much it is for a diet, diet that does not take carbohydrates makes it difficult to maintain a healthy body.


Because carbohydrates play an important role to burn fat, some ingestion is necessary. If you take out carbohydrate diet and pull out any carbohydrates from your diet, you lose weight for a while, but often you will rebound as a result of stress.


The cause is because fat has not actually decreased due to burning, so weight may come back as soon as dieting is over. There is a possibility that weight may decrease immediately after execution, such as reducing the intake of carbohydrates, but let’s know that there are difficulties to make continuity. In order to tackle the diet so quickly, I would like to make it a way not to rebound so easily.



It is important for a diet to adjust the caloric intake while reviewing the meal content and keeping a nutritionally balanced diet. Because it is not a diet due to extreme dietary restrictions, there is no spiritual stress and I do not think that I want to eat snacks. If you can improve to a balanced diet, you will be able to diet without any pain. Even if we end the diet, if the correct eating habits have already become a habit, the body is ready to be able to maintain the body shape now.



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