How to prevent Bad Breath Part 6


When the stomach becomes healthy, you can also prevent bad breath


First of all, it is a bacterium in the mouth that can be considered as a cause of bad breath.
Others are smells from inside the stomach.
People with bad stomach gather in the stomach.
It is bad breath as it comes out of the mouth.
As countermeasures against bad breath, tha beans are drawing attention.


Because it has bactericidal action, it eliminates bacteria in the mouth.
Also, if you take it as tha bean tea, it will make you clearer in the stomach.
Gargle with thy tea tea and let it swallow as it is.
There are also supplements containing bean as a supplement.
It chews in the mouth and continues to suppress bad breath in the stomach while sterilizing it.


Many supplements have immediate effect.
It is to eat bean supplement as soon as you think that you care.
After everyday meal it is good to habit like bean tea.
There is also a story saying that a person who is said to be a periodontal disease with a dentist will continue periodically for 1 month if tha tea tea is improved.



Because it has bactericidal action, it is natural that it is natural.
It is now considered to be one of etiquette for modern people to take measures against bad breath.
Toothpaste made from beans to enhance the effect of brushing teeth is also on sale.


There are various uses.
You can also eat bean as vegetables mixed with stir-fry.
A sharp texture inspires appetite.
By becoming healthy from the stomach, we can also suppress nature and bad breath.
Let’s recognize that saying bad bad smell is an unhealthy body.



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