Diet tips from the lecturer. part 14


How body fat accumulates


I often hear some people practice the diet method that they do not take any carbohydrates when taking a meal. This method called carbohydrate diet was originally a diet therapy that was done for the treatment of diabetes.


It is widely known as a diet method that also helps to reduce weight efficiently. In the case of a carbohydrate diet, if you mistake one way, you may lose your physical condition before the diet goes well. Although it is an effective diet method, when you do, you need to understand the right way and the reason to lose weight beforehand.


Vaguely, if you are working on a carbohydrate diet if you are eating a carbohydrate-free meal, the possibility of rebound also increases. The purpose of carbohydrate diet is to be able to lose weight by reducing the hormone insulin secreted in the body.


Insulin is secreted to lower blood glucose levels. As insulin is secreted, fat accumulates more easily. Insulin is secreted by ingesting carbohydrates, and the stronger the function of insulin, the more body fat is accumulated. In other words, if you do not take carbohydrates that turn into sugar in the body, the secretion amount of insulin decreases, it becomes difficult for fat to accumulate, it becomes a diet.



In the case of carbohydrate-free diet, it is necessary to ingest calories firmly, and if the calorie intake is small, it will cause you to lose physical condition. Even when carbohydrate diet is done, at the very least supplement calories for basal metabolism from meals. In the first place, if you restrict carbohydrates, it is still possible to diet well.



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