Diet tips part 15


Temporary carbohydrate diet, why the risk of rebound is big


To avoid causing rebound on a carbohydrate diet, what kind of meal you have after weight loss is a point. If you want to make a good diet, it is important to understand the human body and work on the correct diet. If you diet in an inappropriate way, even if you lose your weight, it is only transient and you may soon return to your previous weight.


There are various diet methods, but since the mechanism of thinning is different, it is necessary to understand firmly before dieting. Let’s diet to reduce carbohydrates after understanding that the contents of meals will change dramatically.


By removing the carbohydrates from the daily meal contents and adjusting the condition of the body that can promote fat burning, it is possible to create a condition that is easy to lose weight. By eating sugar-free meals, when you need sugar in the body you need to produce carbohydrates and gluconeogenesis begins.


Until now, it is necessary to burn it by converting the lipid accumulated in the body to carbohydrate, where it was made to burn the saccharide as an energy source. In a carbohydrate diet, to compensate for the missing carbohydrates, a process of converting body fat to homogeneity is required.



If you return to the diet that preferentially eats the original carbohydrate after weight loss by doing carbohydrate-free diet, you will preferentially consume carbohydrates and make body fat more likely to accumulate.


In order to make a diet that does not rebound, let’s not eat meals suddenly after dieting. If you want to make a meal before carbohydrate diet, please return the meal contents step by step.



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