How to prevent Bad breath Part 8


Let’s take measures against bad breath everyday by drinking green tea.


It is important for people who often service at work to take measures against bad breath.
The feeling of hospitality is spoiled by bad breath.
How about green tea as a measure against bad breath?
As it is often said, the bacillus in the mouth is one of the causes of bad breath.
Anything can be regarded as bad breath countermeasures if it can get rid of that bacillus.


Green tea contains ingredients called catechin, which has antibacterial activity.
Japanese people have drunk green tea since long ago, so I think that bad breath is not strong.
However, I often hear stories that Japanese people tend to have bad breath rather than Westerners.


I do not know what the truth is, but if you care about your own breath by yourself, it is no doubt that bad breath gives discomfort to people around you.
Recently bean tea which is not green tea has come to be noticed.
Beans that are better than the antibacterial action of green tea are more powerful.



Soy beans were often used as traditional Chinese medicine.
If it is a young sheath of thy beans, it looks delicious when put in vegetables stir-fried.
In this state, it may not be very effective as a measure against bad breath.
However, by making it healthy from the body, it also leads to suppression of bad breath.


As well as green tea, tea and oolong tea are the same tea companion, so we have similar bad breath countermeasure effect.
It is to find materials suitable for your bad breath without being disturbed by publicity.
And that is to continue.



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