Diet tips from the lecturer. part 17


Vegetable soup diet that gets satiety feeling


If you diet such as to reduce food to extreme, various problems will occur in the human body. Restrictions on meals are overwhelmed, as the degree will be too bad and dieting will not be able to continue. However, depending on situations, even if the body is overloaded, it may be necessary to make a short-term diet.


Some people have successfully dieted for a limited period of time by ingesting a soup containing ingredients that promote burning of body fat. Fat burning soup is a soup that can burn fat inside the body efficiently. I make fat burning soup by myself from the material.


We prepare hall tomato and chicken broth for onions, green peppers, cabbage, celery. Add vegetables cut into bite, tomatoes and soup ingredients into a saucepan, add water and make it through fire. Then heat up the vegetables until they are easy to eat and finally add salt to adjust the taste, you can easily make a fat burning soup.



By ingesting this fat burning soup at meal time, fat accumulated in the body will become a burning body. As the intake of vegetables increases, the workings of the bowel are improved, the condition of the body improves, it is also a healthy diet.


Since it is lacking in interest if it is the same taste soup every day, it may be good to change occasional seasoning in order to keep it long. Let’s change the meal step by step when doing a soup diet also in order to make a diet that is hard to cause rebound.



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