How to prevent Bad breath part 11


Relationship between gargle and bad breath countermeasure


The cause of halitosis is gas generated in the mouth.
When the inside of the mouth is dirty, the smell of gas smells.
Bad breath is something you do not notice easily on your own.
Because it always smells in the mouth, it is difficult to recognize it.


Gargling has been drawing attention as a countermeasure against bad breath because it can suppress the generation of gas by gargling liquid.
However, it is said that there is a big difference between a mouthwash used in Europe and the United States and a mouthwash for Japan.


Japanese mouthwash is a type of cheating by scent.
It does not break the source of bad breath.
Therefore, bad breath becomes conspicuous as soon as the scent is gone.
If that is the case, you can just gargle with a medicine that can be said to be a bad breath countermeasure.


You will know that thy tea tea is gaining attention as a measure against bad breath.
It removes germs in the mouth by antibacterial action and suppresses the generation of gas.
It is good to gargle with this bean tea.
Let’s make a sound in your mouth when you drink tea.
That alone is enough.



You do not have to bother to buy a mouthwash.
Mouthwear used in Europe and the United States is powerful.
It contains ingredients with immediate effect.
It contains metal ions and binds to dirt and becomes a compound.


It strongly removes the origin of the smell, does not it?
In the case of Japanese, there are not many people who want to do so.
What you can do everyday in your daily life would be drinking bean tea.
Will you feel free to continue, so why not drink bean tea you too?



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