Diet tips from the lecturer. part 19


Let’s tighten the thigh with a squat


There is a method of exercising and leaning one as one of dieting methods to thin the thigh which is hard to thin easily. What is the trick to succeed the thigh diet and become a tightened lower body? Squat is a recommended way for those who want to shape their thighs.


As for the squat method, first spread the foot to the shoulder width and combine the two hands behind the head. Try not to move the upper body as much as possible, bend your feet and lower your butt to the knees. By moving the body up and down, you can exercise squat.


By doing so, you have the effect of burning fat accumulated in the body. You can expect a diet effect without dozens or hundreds of times. What I would like to be aware of is that if you do too much squat, your thighs will not be thin but your muscles will come on.


A certain amount of muscle is necessary to burn fat, but it will be different from the effect expected to give excessive muscles. In the beginning, I think that around the thigh will tremble with pulp and just by repeating the squat several times. When your feet are trembling, let’s do our best thinking that the effect of dieting is coming up.



As long as the exercise is tight, we only have 10 squats in one training so we will continue. You can tighten your thigh by tackling squat of about 10 sets a day, 3 sets a day, any time zone, so you can tackle thighs.



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