How to prevent Bad breath part 12


Safe beans and dangerous beans


Do you know that thy beans are poisonous?
People who are always drinking may be surprised.
But please be relieved.
There is no poison in thy bean tea.
Potatoes have white and red varieties.
This red bean has poison.


It may cause dyspepsia, nausea and diarrhea.
There is no other thing to life, but discomfort remains.
But this poison is not that strong.
By boiling and roasting, it will turn into harmless one.
Therefore, it becomes toxic when it becomes tea bean tea.
Beans made in Japan seem to have many white beans.


As food is eaten in the state of a blue sheath, it is rarely toxic.
It may be considered to increase toxicity when it is dried to be in a state of beans.
There are also other beans imported instead of domestically produced.


There seems to be various ingredients in the tropical plant.
If it is a bean that does not seem to know what kind it is, it would be better to stop talking to your mouth.
Please also select beef tea using only domestic materials used.
However, it is true that domestic beans alone can not cover domestic demand.



You may be drinking imported beans without your knowledge.
Ironically, tha cartilage has been drawing attention as a measure against bad breath, but the efficacy and toxicity of thyme may be in a frenetic relationship.
Antibacterial action to suppress bad breath induces diarrhea in the human body, does not it? Let’s wisely avoid bad breath carefully there.



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