Diet tips from the lecturer. part 20


How to know the structure of the body and thin the thigh effectively


People who want to thin their thighs should be aware of the thigh muscles when dieting. Some people worry that if your muscles are attached by exercise, your feet will become even thicker. For an effective diet, it is necessary to understand the mechanism of the body.


For dieting, it is important to aim for a high constitution of basic metabolism. Although there are some things that it is effective for improving basal metabolism, the recommended way is to put on your muscles by exercising. Although it is said that muscle training is good for dieting, it is because caloric expenditure can be promoted while increasing the muscle and increasing the basal metabolism. If you raise the basal metabolism so that calories are easy to burn, it will be harder to add fat.


Diet effect is easy to come out, there are methods of thigh muscle training that anyone can practice. Effective for attaching thigh muscles is a step lift. Just keeping it for about 30 minutes a day has a big diet effect. Although it is an easy-to-remember and easy-to-remember exercise, there is a squat on what has high exercise effect.



Any squat or squat can be started soon. Until now, even those who have been away from the habit of exercise, you can tighten up your thigh by squatting or stepping up the platform. Although it may not be able to feel the effect on the 2nd day, subcutaneous fat burns gradually by stepping up the platform steadily little by little and continuing squat.



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