Diet tips from the lecturer. part 21


Lymphatic massage before thighs exercise


Especially when the summer comes close, there are many people who want to diet and tighten the thighs. And when you are dressing with a lot of exposed legs, thighs are anxious about thighs. However, no matter how hard you try your diet, there are many people who can not think about tightening the thighs. How can I diet thighs efficiently? Fat called cellulite is accumulated in thighs.


At the time of dieting, first thoroughly improve blood flow. Let’s first throw a thigh lymphatic massage and loosen out the thigh so that the flow of blood and lymph flow smoothly. By softening the muscles that have been stiffing, we create a state where blood and lymph flow easily.


The method of massage is to massage from the outside of the thigh and slide the palm of your hand in the shape of a go from the side nearer the knee toward the base. It may be good to knead the thigh meat with a fist, lightly tapping, pinching, squeezing, etc. As you go on everyday you will gradually get a diet effect, so it’s also a way to decide the time to do each day, such as after taking a bath or before going to bed.



Even among the diets by site, thighs are particularly high difficulty so it is important to work on the mind. Thigh massage is not confident of continuing to move the body, but for people who 




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