How to prevent Bad breath part 14


Food which is one cause of bad breath


I would like to talk about ‘food’ which seems to be the most cause of halitosis.
Most people smell a lot in their mouths after having a meal
However, it becomes quite limited when it comes to food that produces a smell that is unpleasant to the surroundings or yourself.


Let’s pick up some foods that are likely to cause bad breath.

First, garlic.
This is probably “bad breath-prone food” recognized by many people.
In a sense, it is a food that can be regarded as a synonym of the cause of bad breath.

Garlic contains substances that produce the characteristic odor of “AMS”.


This substance has a property that it is not easily decomposed very easily in the body, so the smell does not disappear quite easily, and it will become odorless forever … and so on.
Moreover, even a small amount generates a smell, so after baking garlic with garlic and eating dishes using garlic, more or less bad breath will result.

In addition, the smell of garlic is not broken down in the body, there are cases in which it dissolves in the blood.
In that case, it is not unusual to have that stench from the sweat gland and smell in the body.
It is a very troublesome smell not to stay beyond bad breath.




In addition, green onion has the same kind of substance as garlic.
It is called “allicine”, which causes a smell when cells are broken.
In many cases, leeks are carved finely to make them spicy, and in that case a pretty strong smell occurs.
Naturally, even if you chew in the mouth the same smell is born, it will lead to bad breath.



Besides this, roast meat, kimchi, natto, coffee etc. are famous as food which often causes offensive odors.




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