Diet tips from the lecturer. part 22


Let’s reduce calories by making staple food porridge


Everyone thinks that I want to lose weight as soon as possible. When dieting to lose weight, there are some people who have a hard time reducing meals due to calorie restriction. In an effort to avoid eating because of a diet, we try to restrict by reducing the amount of everyday meals. The dieting method due to impossible diet restrictions can be thinned temporarily but it is easy to rebound, so be careful.


Even though you want to keep on dieting, you can reduce the amount of food you eat too much and overload your body, making it impossible to continue. In order to reduce calories, it may be possible to change the menu rather than to reduce the amount of meals. Using rice gruel as a staple food, we will eliminate the white rice that we have eaten.


The rest of the menu is exactly the same as before, so as not to eat too much. If you make porridge equal to the amount you had eaten white rice, water is added and the amount of real rice is different, it is low calorie. I only increase the amount with water, so I can eat calories without worrying about it.



Just stopping white rice and making it rice porridge makes it possible to control the calorie intake. Too much calorie restrictions for dieting will put stress on the spirit with stress that can not be eaten, but that point is okay with rice gruel.


By sticking the staple food to rice gruel, I feel like I eat a lot of amounts, but in fact it is limited to calorie because I am just increasing the amount with water. People who want to make a good menu for a diet while keeping satisfaction when eating, it would be nice to try porridge for staple food.



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