How to prevent Bad breath part 15


Let’s eliminate tooth brush polishing and prevent halitosis


Even in cases where bad breath occurs due to food, it is not simply caused by the smell of the food that you ate, and there are also many cases that bad breath occurs due to “polish remaining”.

The biggest problem in this case is “tooth brushing”.
Usually, using a toothbrush and toothpaste, if you brush your teeth firmly every corner, food scum will disappear from the mouth, the origin of the smell will disappear, but if toothpaste is made appropriate, the eating residue will remain in the mouth It will cause a bad smell.



People who are not toothbrushing are mostly those who have neglected toothpaste from childhood.
As it is a perfect lifestyle habit, I can not improve it unless I am strongly conscious of it.
In that sense, it is also a little annoying problem.


Eating residue left in the mouth by polishing remains in many cases in the space between teeth or teeth or gums.
There, it ferments and emits a smell, but here a more troublesome problem arises.
When the edible residue is fermented, it becomes “plaque”.
This dental plaque is a vulgar, it hardens, adheres to teeth and gums, and keeps staying as it is.



Cured plaque can not be removed by brushing teeth.
In addition, it produces substances such as acetone, it can cause bad breath forever.
People who firmly brush their bad breath, but the bad breath will not disappear, the possibility that this dental plaque is already attached to the skin is dense.


Originally it is necessary to use it for many minutes at a time, but it is difficult to practice it.
Especially for children, if you want to finish it as soon as possible, you often have a lot of polishing.
That is a big cause of bad breath.



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