Diet tips from the lecturer. part 23


Let’s balance diet and exercise and give diet effect


Diet can be dieted more efficiently by incorporating exercise as well as dietary restrictions. Many people tend to diet just by reducing their caloric intake, but moving the body is also important. Rather, people who eat a meal thoroughly three times and actively move the body, some people diet goes well.


If you suddenly reduce your meal, you will lack the nutrients necessary to maintain your health and you will lose sickness. To maintain a healthy state, minimum nutrition is necessary, so impossible dietary restrictions are forbidden.


In recent years, carbohydrate-limiting carbohydrate diet has attracted attention, but too much work for health is a problem. It is a carbohydrate diet that is effective for temporary weight loss, but it is not a dieting method to practice over a long period of time. Successful dieting is to review the meal content and make it possible to continue moderate exercise.


For diet, jogging etc is recommended every morning. With exercise 30 minutes to 1 hour a day, the body tightens much. People who do not have the habit of exercising originally seem to be bored with moving their bodies, but it is a good idea to extend the time a little every day.



The secret to succeeding diet is continuity, so do not settle down on the way, you must continue exercise everyday and keep burning fat every day. If you feel that jogging is hard, please try from walking first. As the effect of diet appears, it will be easier to continue.



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