How to prevent Bad breath part 16


Plaque causing bad breath


This time is a story of dental plaque that plagues many people as a cause of odor of mouth.
In cases where this dental plaque is particularly prone to accumulate, people who have artificial teeth such as “dentures” or “bridges” can be mentioned.


When using these dental prostheses, there are more gaps than the usual person’s mouth, and there is a situation where it is easy for food leftover to become clogged there.
Therefore, no matter how much firmly you rinse your mouth, you will not have any leftovers to eat, and it remains to stay there.
Then of course, it becomes a hotbed of dental plaque.


False teeth are no exception.
Eating leaves accumulate at the seams of interdental teeth, and it becomes dental plaque.
It is a bad bad smell, and there are many cases where it becomes a chronic symptom.


On the other hand, what about full dentures?
Because it is totally misunderstood that bad breath is not done because there is no dental plaque on the teeth because there is no teeth at all in the case of total dentures, actually it is not so.
Rather, people with total dentures are said to be prone to bad breath troubles.


Because plaque adheres not only to teeth but also to gums.
Therefore, if you leave only the denture in the washout mouth, it can cause a very strong bad breath.
In fact, there seems to be quite a lot of such people.


Dental plaque can be cleaned easily and split if you go to the dentist.
Although it will be scraped somewhat, there is hardly any pain.
However, in the case of gums it is difficult to clean and dentists who can clean can be limited.
Even in that sense, people with total dentures will always need to care for the mouth.



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