Diet tips from the lecturer. part 24


Let’s diet wisely at the timing of eating


There are many people who are careful about dietary nutrition balance and exercise when dieting, but it is time to eat when overlooking. Even if the time to eat is changed, it is said that there will be a difference in the effect of the diet. Not only do you care about meals and calories, but also distribute your mind about time helps diet.


Even when you are on a diet, let ‘s take a meal firmly three times a day in the morning, lunch and night. When eating, it is said that it is desirable to eat every time the internal organs move actively. In the morning, actively eating natto, vegetables and fruits will make use of the function of the liver which is increasing activity.


Activities of the liver will peak around 12 o’clock so we will also take saccharides at lunch. As the pancreas gets active around 15 o’clock, it is ideal to take this snack containing carbohydrates during this time. The internal organs turn slowly when turning around at 9 o’clock, so if you ingest carbohydrates later than this, it will not be consumed and become fat.



Since kidneys are active late in the evening, it is good to make the kidneys more comfortable by replenishing more vegetables at night. Thinking about the working hours of each internal organs, by reviewing the meal content, you will be able to diet efficiently. When reviewing a meal for a diet, biasing of nutrition and caloric content are also necessary, but let me also consider the time of meal.



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