How to prevent Bad breath Part 17


Bad breath caused by decayed teeth


Everyone may have been experienced, but, as a child, is not it that there are not a few people who have been unable to go to the dentist and leave the decayed toy. When you smell that peculiar smell of a dentist, you feel sick or you may want to run away just by listening to the sound of that gueen. The place called a dentist may be said to have produced a lot of children holding such trauma.


There are a lot of people who have experiences of such a childhood and can not go to the dentist quite easily even when becoming an adult.
There seems to be a lot of cases where tooth decay is left.
Normally, if a decayed tooth progresses, severe pain will occur and it will become impossible to endure, but in some cases the nerve will die, and sometimes it does not feel any pain.
There are many patterns that you misunderstood it naturally healed and leave it untreated.


This neglected tooth decay is one cause of bad breath.
The surface of a decayed tooth is hollowed out or a hole is opened.
It is a state that most people have experienced in that food scum accumulates there.


Even if rubbing firmly with a toothbrush, it is very difficult to remove perfectly the sludge collected in such places.
As a result, the remaining residue will ferment and cause bad breath.


When the situation gets worse further, pus accumulates in the gums and putrid smell comes out of the mouth.
Then, even yourself will have an intense smell that makes you aware of bad breath.
Cavities are one of the big causes of bad breath.



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