How to prevent Bad breath part 17


Stress causes bad breath


When it comes to the smell in the mouth, it is thought that many people associate the smell of what they ate.
But that’s not really the case.
Bad breath is also the smell of one’s own body.
In other words, the smell changes depending on the physical condition.


The most common problems related to physical condition that can be considered as the cause of bad breath are “stress” and “salivation related diseases”.
First of all, it is stress, but this is a more or less problematic issue for people living in modern society.
The stress is the cause of bad breath.


In the human mouth, saliva is constantly active.
The system is born and built to wash away food waste, bacteria and so on with saliva and keep the mouth clean.
However, if stress is excessive, the amount of saliva will be extremely low.
In a tense situation, it may not be what many people are experiencing.
That too is due to stress.


If you run out of saliva, you won’t be able to wash your mouth’s offensive odor tightly, and it will remain in your mouth forever.
If such a situation continues for a long time, bad breath will occur.



The same thing can be said of “a disease that reduces saliva.”
Diseases that reduce the amount of saliva include “dry mouth”, “salivary glanditis” and “diabetes”.
These diseases can dry the mouth and cause an offensive odor.
These bad breath can be alleviated by adjusting your physical condition, but there are some difficult aspects.



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