How to prevent Bad part 18


Check the following and try to prevent bad breath


The human mouth is made up of teeth, gums, and tongue.
And all these can cause bad breath.
In other words, the tongue is also one of the causes of bad breath.


Speaking of the tongue, it is a place where there are few things to polish positively compared with the teeth.
Therefore, there are many people who always have something like white and yellow ocher sticks attached to their tongue.
This mochi is called “the tongue”.
Of course, it can be a source of offensive odors when food waste has accumulated.


However, there is no one who has no tongue.
Because tongue functions as a part of human body’s mechanism.
The tongue has cells to feel the taste.
The tongue has a process called “the tongue papilla” that has the cells, but the attachment of the tongue to the tongue makes it a state to protect the tongue papilla.
Therefore, if the white tongue is thinly attached, it can be said that there is no problem.



The problem is that the color is yellowish, and the tongue is covered all over the tongue.
When it comes to that, there is a possibility that an offensive odor will be born.
If the tongue is too large, bacteria will be generated freely, and the entire mouth will be a hotbed of odor, so brush your tongue regularly.


It should be noted that for those who have no tongue and have a red tongue, that is the problem.
It may interfere with the operation of the tongue papilla.
If this happens, there may be problems with the secretion of saliva, which may also cause odor.



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