How to prevent Bad breath part 19


If you eat regularly and keep your mouth clean, you can prevent bad breath


In humans, physiological phenomena exist.
And there are a lot of cases that lead to odors.
For example, the smell of sweat.
Everyone sweats, but at the same time everyone smells of sweat.
It is a typical example of Gepp and Fir.


Among these physiological phenomena, bad breath is also included.
There are various causes for bad breath, and there are also a number of artificial causes, such as eating a food that causes offensive odor and failing to brush teeth.
However, bad breath can occur even if you prevent them perfectly.
That is the physiological phenomenon.


Humans have extremely low levels of saliva production at bedtime.
Therefore, after getting up, my mouth may be dry or sticky.
Under this condition, a certain amount of bad breath will occur to anyone.
There are a lot of people brushing their teeth soon after waking up and not eating breakfast, but that is also to improve this situation.


In addition, human beings have the property that their metabolic activity in the mouth becomes dull when they become hungry.
Therefore, bad breath is born when you become hungry.
That situation can be improved by eating regularly three meals a day.
Regular life makes sense in this respect as well.



In addition, bad breath occurs during tension and exercise.
Needless to say during tension, it is due to a decrease in salivation.
During exercise, too, water is consumed, resulting in the mouth becoming dry and an offensive odor.

These are all physiological phenomena, so they can not be helped.
Don’t worry too much, let’s deal with water supply etc. frequently.



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