Diet tips from the lecturer. part 28


Try fasting diet while consulting with physical condition


There are a number of ways to lose weight, but those who do fasting diets tend to wake up these days. It is a fasting diet to reduce the calories coming into the body to 0 by not eating at all. Because it is a diet that does not eat, it is possible to lose weight, but it is said that unplanned fasting may cause loss of health. When fasting, it is important to take care not to deteriorate your physical condition, taking into consideration the condition and physical condition.


It is not good for the body if you reduce the number of extreme meals, so first of all, start with one meal on the first day. The first day’s miso soup is tofu only, and it is necessary to think of the menu so that it is a meal with a small amount of calories. We drink sports drinks in the daytime and do not eat, but do not let water run short. On the second day of the fasting diet, the calorie intake is reduced from the first day, and only a single cup of miso soup is used.



When it is the third day, I will not eat, just add water. It is a serious fasting diet. You don’t eat rice at all, and when you build up to a state where you can only use hydration, you seem to be becoming more aware of the delicacy.


Some people have felt that the effects of the diet were felt immediately after starting, but it is possible to lose weight gradually by continuing every few months. I want to be careful about the fasting diet that I do not stop as soon as I feel sick during fasting or do not stop eating for several days.



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