Diet tips part 29


Things to be aware of in the fasting diet


Although fasting diets are popular as an effective method, there are some points to be aware of when practicing. Even if you lose weight temporarily, it does not make sense to increase your weight, so rebound prevention is important. It is not a fasting diet that just not eating solids should not be mistaken. In the case of fasting for the purpose of slimming, I would like to emphasize how to put together a plan.


It is not good for the body to stop eating suddenly because it has a negative impact on health without knowing fasting well. In order not to overburden the body, it is recommended to use calorie restriction and replacement diet instead of fasting diet. In the case of a replacement diet where one meal a day is a diet, it is possible to replace two meals a day to improve efficiency.


What I want to be aware of when fasting is that when you run out of protein you rebound. If you lose muscle, you become a low-metabolizing body and you can easily attach fat, but your muscles are made of protein.



While eating a lot of lipids, eating less protein increases the likelihood of obesity. The basic method of replacing one product with a vegetable is a staple in the diet, but the vegetable alone lacks protein.


Without protein and water, the human body can not produce muscles and organs. If you want to reduce the amount of meat, try to supplement the protein with tofu or seafood. It makes no sense to rebound after a diet, so try to lose weight little by little with a healthy diet and lifestyle building.



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