How to prevent Bad breath part 21


Bad breath caused by tobacco


Things put into the mouth are often the cause of bad breath, but they include things put into the mouth other than food.
The most likely thing is cigarettes.
Tobacco is also a standard cause of bad breath.


There are multiple reasons why tobacco causes bad breath.
First of all, the mouth gets dry.
Cigarettes have the property of drying the mouth by smoking.
It is also said to cause dry mouth, which reduces the saliva in the mouth, which leads to the generation of an offensive odor.


Components of tobacco such as nicotine and tar are also elements of odor.
It is so-called “Yani”.
Although these ingredients are not the smell that is generally imagined to be heard as bad breath, they are common in the sense of giving off feeling to the other party and they are counted as one of the bad breath.

Ingredients such as nicotine and tar have the property of being easy to adhere to teeth and tongue, and they also have the troublesome problem that they can not be secured well by brushing teeth alone.



In addition, tobacco has the problem of worsening blood circulation and metabolism.
Therefore, you may think that you may feel sick and cause bad breath.

Poor blood circulation is also negative for the gums, and there is also a risk that the teeth may become even worse, which can be a health hazard as well as for bad breath.

Cigarettes are a hundred harm to human health and have no benefit.
If you want to prevent bad breath, we recommend choosing either reducing the dose or stopping it.



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