Diet tips part 30


Let’s make a diet recipe using tofu!


Generally, tofu is suitable for dieting because it is well known that it is a low calorie food. One of the reasons for using tofu for dieting is that the amount of protein contained in tofu is very good. Soy is a necessary ingredient when making tofu, but it is said to have the effect of reducing the amount of subcutaneous fat and neutral fat.


Ingestion of tofu promotes the metabolism of body fat accumulated in the body and has the effect of facilitating consumption as energy. By eating tofu, you can also use the soy isoflavones, which are similar to female hormones. Tofu is a very good food so that female hormones can be active in the body, even during food restrictions.


Extreme diets that completely replace the diet are not recommended. In order to avoid overloading the body, the diet is a step-by-step process, in consultation with the physical condition. You may want to actively use tofu when you want to increase the volume or when you want to increase the bulk and keep the calories low.



For example, when making a hamburger, the method is to reduce the minced meat and add tofu instead. You can also make hamburgers that are soft and easy to eat rather than meat-only hamburgers. By using tofu for cooking, you can make a well-balanced, well-balanced diet that fills your stomach while reducing calories.



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