How to prevent Bad breath part 22


There is also a bad breath caused by heredity


Human beings have such problems in advance due to genes, such as hair loss and thinning hair, or some diseases.
Because my parents are thin, I think that there will be a considerable number of people who are anxious that they will become ah.

In fact, such problems do not necessarily inherit, but it is an undeniable fact that there is a good chance of doing so.

So what about the bad breath?
As a cause of bad breath, is “genetic” sometimes established?
The answer is “there is”.


In general, bad breath is due to the food and physical condition you eat, and it seems that there is almost no recognition that you will inherit from your parents.
But there is only one type of hereditary bad breath.
It is an odor called so-called fish odor.
As the name suggests, it is a symptom of rotten bad breath of fish.


This is a disease, and it is not a problem that the person is not brushing his teeth or eating strange things every day.
There is an abnormality in metabolism, which causes fishy odor.
Specifically, because the function of “trimethylamine oxidase” in the body is born and not normal, trimethylamine is not decomposed and remains in the blood, resulting in the generation of an offensive odor.



Fish odor is said to be a disease that can not be cured and is a very troublesome problem.
In the unlikely event that you are diagnosed as such, you will have to make an effort to control the odor.



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