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Bad breath in women due to hormonal balance


Although it is not generally known, “hormone balance” may be mentioned as one of the causes of bad breath.
In fact, there is a close link between bad breath and hormonal balance.
And the bad breath in this case is something that is unique to women.


The cause of bad breath is when the hormonal balance is broken.
Therefore, it seems that women often have bad breath at the time of menstruation.
During menstruation when the hormonal balance is disrupted, the immune system is reduced, so the amount of saliva secretion is reduced, and gingivitis and stomatitis in the mouth is likely to occur.
When this happens, an environment that is susceptible to bad breath is created.


Also, when you get pregnant, you can see cases where a unique bad breath is born.
During pregnancy, female hormones are actively secreted, and many substances such as “progesterone” and “estrogen” are secreted into the body, but these substances are said to cause gingivitis and periodontitis.
Therefore, it seems that many people get gingivitis during pregnancy.
This is called gestational gingivitis.



During menstruation, stress often accumulates during pregnancy, and there is also a tendency for the amount of saliva to decrease due to the fact that more water is consumed than usual.
It is not unusual for bad breath to occur due to these.


In addition, with post-menopausal women’s hormone loss, hormonal imbalance may occur and halitosis may occur.
Immunity is said to be the cause, and it seems that there are many grandmas who can throw a shocking word from their grandchildren.



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