Let’s prevent bad breath with daily mouth care.(from Japan)


It can be said that the mechanism of the halitosis of the present is to emit an offensive odor due to the entanglement of very complex elements.
It’s never easy to solve it all.
But you can prevent it in advance.
To do so, you must be aware that you are offensive from your own mouth.
Actually, this is quite difficult.
Because I am used to my own smell of smell.


If you have a pet, you may have experienced it.
When the pet first came to the house, there were many who at first were puzzled by the peculiar smell of the beast.
However, you gradually get used to it, and from a certain stage there is no experience of feeling no smell at all ….
This does not mean that the pet smells gone.
I got used to that smell.
The same thing can be said of my bad breath.
You will be able to know the necessity of prevention and measures by having them check it objectively.


It is also possible to treat well.
If you take measures for each of the various factors that cause bad breath, people who are already suffering from bad breath can gradually improve.
People who are suffering from halitosis or who have signs of it should incorporate halitosis prevention into their daily routine to eliminate the cause of halitosis.



As a method of halitosis prevention and halitosis measures, mainly “toothpaste” “mouse care” “improvement of lifestyle habits” “improvement of diet” etc. are mentioned.
Since each method is important, let’s check each item firmly.



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