Careful brushing to prevent bad breath. (from Japan)


There are many measures against halitosis and halitosis prevention. Among them, the most important one is brushing teeth.
Toothpaste is a very easy-to-understand treatment for bad breath, such as cleaning the mouth directly.
However, this tooth brushing is actually a pitfall in halitosis prevention.


Because everyone is doing it every day, it is because everyone knows that method and most people do not think as special measures.

The fact that we are becoming accustomed in our daily lives, conversely, is that it does not function as a way of cutting off the cause of bad breath.


In other words, you can not brush your teeth efficiently.
If you’ve been brushing in your own style since you were a child, if you don’t learn how to brush your teeth properly as a child, it will actually actually brush your teeth fairly well over time It will
Therefore, there are many cases where you can not get halitosis even if you brush your teeth.


Plaque, which causes bad breath, is the source of leftovers.
Therefore, it is possible to remove the cause of bad breath by brushing teeth and removing all leftovers from the mouth, but it is also very difficult.
Many people brush their teeth with great strength to remove the clogged teeth.



But that is an act that doesn’t make much sense.
Toothpaste is polite.
Careful brushing is required between teeth and between teeth and between gums and teeth.
First of all, check how you brush your teeth now and learn where to improve.



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