Let’s prevent bad breath by way of correct tooth brushing. (from Japan)


As a rule, it is important that toothpaste is not done in a complicated way.
In order to firmly eliminate the cause of bad breath, it is necessary to take time carefully.
However, it does not mean that it will take time.
We need to make every single task meaningful and clean every corner of our mouth.


When brushing your teeth, what kind of brushing should you do first?
There are multiple ways to do this.
For example, “Scrapping method”.
This is a brushing method that cleans the tooth surface by applying a toothbrush vertically to the tooth surface and vibrating it.
It seems that children often finish brushing their teeth only with this method of brushing.
Of course, this is also important, but this alone has no meaning.


Next, the “bus method”.
The brush is applied at a 45-degree angle between the roots of the teeth and the gums, and finely vibrated.
Between the teeth and gums, quite fine food remains.
Therefore, much of the dental plaque occurs in this part and becomes tartar.
It is very often the cause of the offensive odor.



The “rolling method” is effective in brushing between teeth.
With the toothbrush on its side, put it on the base of the lower teeth, turn the wrist up and rotate the brush and brush up, brushing it into the space between the teeth.
By doing this, the principle of leverage is also generated, and you can clean the space between the teeth firmly without putting much power.


By doing all these methods carefully, you can remove most of the leftovers in the mouth and cut off the source of bad breath.



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