How to choose a toothbrush recommended for bad breath prevention. (from Japan)


It is not only the brushing method that is important in brushing teeth.
The choice of toothbrush and toothpaste itself is also important.
By doing so, you can solve the cause of bad breath more efficiently.
Usually, many people are casually buying cheap ones, but in order to do mouth care by tooth brushing perfectly, it means that appropriate tools are necessary.



At first it is a toothbrush, but basically “size of head” “hardness and tip of brush” “length of grip” are important.

First of all, it is the size of the head, but I don’t like the one that is big enough not to get in the back of the mouth.
There is also a merit that it takes less time to polish when the head is large, but the disadvantage is larger, so let’s choose an ordinary or smaller one.



The hardness of the brush is recommended to be standard or soft.
Hard toothbrushes lack flexibility and elasticity, so they are not good at brushing and are not easy to use.
In addition, it is easy to damage gums if it is hard, and it is easy to get blood.


The bristles of the brush are easier to get in between the teeth, and it is easier to clean them, but there is also the disadvantage that they will soon open.
It is easier to last longer than modest thinness, but if you are considering replacement with a somewhat short cycle, it is better to be thinner.



And what’s surprisingly important is the grip length.
At first glance, it seems to be a part that doesn’t seem very important, but if the grip doesn’t come in very well, it’s very difficult to polish and as a result it becomes a rough toothpaste and the cause of bad breath is often left.
Find a toothbrush that isn’t too short, too long, or a reasonable length for your hands.


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