Lower abdomen diet that can be done on a daily basis. ( from Japan)


Some people say that the swelling in the lower abdomen is a source of trouble, but the human body is designed to protect the internal organs by accumulating fat in the stomach. It is said that the abdomen is difficult to compare with other places in the body, and it is a place where it is difficult to make a weight loss. It is true that it is difficult to get a diet effect even if you try to make your stomach slim, but it is not the case if you say it will not work at all.


If you spend time and exercise or exercise with awareness of the waist, you can always get a diet effect. The important thing about dieting is to practice it over time, even slowly, every day. What you need to practice your stomach diet is food restrictions and gymnastics. Training using muscles near the belly tightens the belly.


As you will exercise to stimulate muscles that you do not use regularly, you may have jerky movements of your body at first. By working hard for dieting and continuing gymnastics, you will be able to move smoothly gradually.



At the time of gymnastics, posture is important, too and inclination of the pelvis will be distorted if it becomes the back of the cat, so try to stretch your chest as much as possible and do the correct posture. Even during exercise, if you notice it, you can extend the spine back and improve the spine of your cat, and your stomach will be reduced. By keeping your stomach conscious exercises tight every day, anyone can gain the benefits of a diet.


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